BMI Federal Credit Union

By Sharon Simpson | April 28, 2014

Associate and emeritus positions prepare new members for board responsibilities and pass on institutional knowledge from veteran members.

By Rebecca Wessler | April 12, 2010

Innovative outreach methods welcome SEGs and generate excitement about the institution’s financial brand.

By Chris Tissue | April 5, 2010

Credit unions earn high accolades in consumer experience, but they can take a page right out of the playbook of the companies with top honors.

By Chris Tissue | Oct. 7, 2009

According to recently released data from a survey, an astounding 45% of consumers do not know their credit score, and another 32% have never checked their credit report. In recognition of this startling trend BMI Federal Credit Union ($355M, Dublin, OH) launched an innovative, multi-purposed mail marketing campaign to address the issue head on.

By Alix Patterson | Aug. 11, 2009


By Carol Anne Burger | Dec. 17, 2001

Conducting a virtual board meeting has allowed Riverside CU to spend valuable time on other important topics, says President/CEO Mark Hawkins. Now, BMI FCU's Sharon Custer is stepping into the Boardroom Web.