Think Inside The Television Box

Try including more interaction or working in pop culture references to make your videos stand out.


You don’t need Suze Orman or any other celebrity financial gurus doling out financial advice for your video and social media efforts to succeed. With a bit of creativity and some help from pop culture, you can provide your membership with more of your cooperative insight.

The Today Show’s finance section does a good job of combining audience interaction with expert advice, with their multimedia outreach efforts and dedicated segments. In this clip from, The Today Show guest finance gurus offer advice for call-in audience members.  Your credit union can easily incorporate this in many ways.  Film your most photogenic loan officer and CEO answering questions from your membership about finances.  This will let your membership know that your c-level staff is open and willing to set aside time for the member.

Remember, not every video has to have a sales agenda; simply offering good-will videos can help establish a new method of communication with your membership, and increase repeat visitors to your social media channels.  During the holiday season, bring a camera along to document your credit union’s good will and run it on the site. Let your membership see the lighter side of your staff as you spread the holiday cheer.

Another way to engage a younger demographic and enhance your social media efforts is to embrace pop culture.'s recent  article offering financial advice to popular television characters’ financial situations to reach business owners, newlyweds, and parents saving for college. Chances are, your membership includes a few Jim's and Pam's.

Video is a great tool to demonstrate transparency, and further distinguish the credit union difference to your membership.


Nov. 28, 2011



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