2015 Credit Card Management School — Session 1

Tim Kolk leads the introductory session of a management school for credit union card programs in 2015.


The first session of the 2015 Credit Card Management School reviews the state of the credit card market, focusing on issues critical to those competing with the largest issuers. CCMS host, Tim Kolk, discusses market growth trends, competitive considerations, evolving technology/delivery, and competitive value propositions. He concludes Session 1 by identifying the four critical disciplines that any issuer must understand to operate a successful credit card business line.

Any credit union employee who wants to understand why the credit card is a critical product to overall relationship support as well as the most profitable product in nearly any lending program should watch this free session that is open to all.

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In this video:

Part 1: Banks Are Making A Comeback

Part 2: Credit Risk Is Good. Is That Bad?

Part 3: Product Design Is More Than Rate

Part 4: 2015's Critical Tasks For All Credit Unions

Part 5: 2015 Card School Sessions



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