3 Takeaways From 3Q 2012

Jay Johnson, EVP of Callahan & Associates, shares the top 3 takeaways from 3Q12 credit union performance data.


Watch the full 3Q 2012 Trendwatch call to learn about the latest credit union performance trends. 


3 Reasons Credit Union Stakeholders Need To Know About Third Quarter Performance

For the past month, Callahan & Associates has been breaking down third quarter performance trends and highlighting credit union success stories. Credit unions originated more than $245 billion in loans through the first nine months of 2012, added more than 2.6 million net new members over the past 12 months, and posted the highest ROA — 0.86% — of the past seven years. Use this video to share the industry’s positive news with your credit union’s stakeholders.

Front-Line Employees

Equip your staff with the information it needs to soothe members’ woes about the fiscal cliff. Tax hikes and spending cuts might be inevitable, but credit unions have proven they are a safe and sound financial partner by posting positive performance throughout the entire Great Recession.

Board Members

NCUA might require credit union boards to have a working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices, but that doesn’t mean your board members are studying up on industry trends in their spare time. Dedicate 90 seconds at your next board meeting to sharing this video; interested parties can learn more by watching Callahan’s entire 3Q 2012 Trendwatch call.

Executive Staff

More than 200 attendees logged in to participate in Callahan’s quarterly Trendwatch call. Was your executive staff there? Staying up-to-date on quarterly performance trends allows your leaders to set realistic goals and make informed decisions.

After watching the video, send your executive staff to CreditUnion.com’s Search & Analyze for a deeper evaluation of your credit union’s performance.

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Nov. 28, 2012



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