Callahan & Associates Answers The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In response to the Ice Bucket Challenge from Element Federal Credit Union, employees of Callahan & Associates take to the streets of Washington, DC, to call out local credit unions.


To raise awareness and charitable donations for ALS and the ALS Association, Callahan & Associates accepted Element Federal Credit Union's ($28M, Charleston, WV) Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now it's our turn.

We nominate:

State Department Federal Credit Union ($1.5B, Alexandria, VA)

Apple Federal Credit Union ($1.9B, Fairfax, VA)

NIH Federal Credit Union ($556M, Rockville, MD)

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union ($3.8B, Washington, D.C.)

Signal Financial Federal Credit Union ($314M, Kensington, MD)

You have 24 hours!

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Aug. 19, 2014

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