Engage Your Audience With Seasonal Marketing

Public Employees Credit Union in Austin, TX, draws members with football-themed commercials.


Scott Murphy, chief marketing officer of Public Employees Credit Union ($277.4M, Austin, TX), shares the story behind how the credit union devised its “End Zone” commercial to promote its low auto loan rate.

What was your inspiration for this football-themed commercial?

Scott Murphy: We typically sponsor "Texas Tailgaters" in the fall, which focuses on fall football games. So we wanted to do something else fun to tie in to the football season.

What resources did you need to translate an idea into a commercial?

SM: We try to take advantage of all the resources we have in-house and do as much as we can here. For example, I earned an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism and a master's degree in advertising from Mizzou [University of Missouri, Columbia], so I wrote the script and helped direct the commercial. And everyone in the commercial except for the main spokeswoman is an employee at the credit union. We played the commercial on the screens behind the tellers at the branches, so those employees became celebrities of sorts.

The credit union works with a local production company, Danger Fields, for our commercials. They are our partners in the process and are local people from film school with whom we’ve built a relationship over the years. We're proud that they were local students and now have their own company.

What were your goals for the commercial and have you achieved them?

SM: Our goal was to hone in on our 1.89% auto loan rate. We wanted to make the market aware of the rate. Our financial services department tracks how many calls we get in reference to the ad, and we have seen an increase in auto loans due partly to the promotion.

Do you have any advice for other credit unions who want to expand their video marketing initiatives?

SM: We want our website and commercials to appeal to a local audience, but we also want to have fun. People, especially with banks, are a little stuffy. We think you can have fun and promote your products at the same time.

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Nov. 26, 2012



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