Trendwatch 4Q 2014

Learn how credit unions performed in fourth quarter 2014 and find new opportunities in today's encouraging economic environment.


This must-watch quarterly event for credit union leaders covers performance trends, industry success stories, and areas of opportunity. Trendwatch covers the industry’s role in the larger sphere of financial services as well as how executives can strengthen their own position in the credit union market.

Callahan bases its analysis on data gathered through its FirstLook program, which means attendees will find insight they won't find anywhere else weeks before the official NCUA data release.


Part 1: Intro And Economic Outlook

Part 2: Economic Outlook Continued

Part 3: Credit Unions See Record Performance

Part 4: Connecting With The Local Economy

Part 5: Lifting The Local Economy

Part 6: Lending Momentum Drives Market Share

Part 7: Liquidity Outlook

Part 8: The Concern With RBC #2 Proposal

Read more about the event in "3 Takeaways From Trendwatch 4Q 2014"

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