Why NCUA Board Nominees Should Support Cooperative Principles

Chip Filson, Chairman of Callahan & Associates, announced Monday a major initiative: A New Vision for Cooperative Regulatory Leadership for the 21st Century.


The initiative launches with a WhiteHouse.gov petition drive to encourage President Obama to nominate candidates to the NCUA Board who understand the cooperative business model.

To become involved in the initiative to appoint NCUA leaders who understand and support cooperatives, visit www.coops4change.org and click the link to the White House petition. The petition urges the administration to nominate men and women to the NCUA Board who are committed to following cooperative principles in their policymaking roles, as specified in the Federal Credit Union Act. 

Read the full press release.

Read the March Callahan Report, "A Vision And Framework For A 21st Century Cooperative Regulator," a 3-part case on how credit unions can work toward developing a regulatory authority that embraces the value of cooperatives and differentiates our systems’ model from that of other regulators. 


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