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Bob Falk On Leadership

The CEO of Purdue FCU talks about courageous decisions, learning from mistakes, and laying the groundwork for more success.


How Has The Pandemic Changed Call Center Management?

From out-of-state recruitment to hiring bonuses and flexible scheduling, what was once seen as the bottom of the totem pole is now viewed as a prime position for many credit unions.


Atomic Credit Union Raised Employee Pay And Received Glowing Reviews

The rural Ohio cooperative strives to be the best in the market through pay and benefits. Its growing network of new and renovated branches adds to an improved work, and banking, environment, too.


How To Turn Data-Diving Into Strategy Creation

A new team at Directions Credit Union focuses on objectives as much as dashboards.


How Empower FCU Empowers Branch Employees

The Syracuse, NY-based credit union has put in place a “self-promotion” program to help branch employees advance their careers and earn a series of raises, all while boosting member service.


How Credit Unions Are Coping With Surging Mortgage Rates (Part 2)

With the market shifting and buyers becoming choosier about their lenders, credit unions across the country are shifting how they approach mortgage lending.


How Credit Unions Are Coping With Surging Mortgage Rates (Part 1)

Some underwriting and belt-tightening, staffing and product changes are part of the response as swiftly rising rates roil the housing market.


Are We In A Housing Bubble? 5 Credit Union Leaders Weigh In

Supply still lags demand but price hikes are slowing, and a lot has changed in the past 15 years.


Artificial Intelligence Yields Real Results For This Cooperative’s Short-Term Loan Product

First Financial of Maryland FCU built and is refining its own machine learning tools that vet more applications than the manual way while learning along the way.


How 3 Credit Unions Tackle Systemic Issues

Special loan programs at cooperatives across the country address equity, financial deserts, emergency aid, and climate change.

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