How to Whitelist Email Communications From Callahan & Associates and

Like most companies, Callahan & Associates and relies heavily on email to communicate with clients and the industry. That includes sharing new online content, events, and other types of emails, like confirmations, related to the information you may request from us.

To ensure that emails from Callahan & Associates (including hits your inbox and not your junk folder, please ask your IT department to whitelist and add https://* to any link exclusion policies that affect email deliverability in your organization.

You can also ask your IT team to whitelist the following domains:, and our dedicated email IP address: Whitelisting ensures that our communications make it through to your inbox and the inboxes of your colleagues.

We’ve drafted an email you can send to your IT department, on behalf of Callahan & Associates and If there are any additional questions, please contact us at (202) 223-3920 or

Dear IT Department,

One or more of your fellow employees is registered for communications from Callahan & Associates or These emails grant them access to industry data and actionable content as well as other networking and professional development opportunities. We want to make sure the emails they All of our emails look like they are coming from or We also use a third-party service provider, Marketo, to send emails on our behalf and have a dedicated IP address.

Can you please whitelist the IP address and the following senders on your exchange service and antispam appliances and software?

  • Dedicated email server IP address:

Thank you for your time. Please contact us at with any further questions.

Callahan & Associates, Inc.
(202) 223-3920
1001 Connecticut Ave NW, Ste. 1001
Washington, D.C. 20036

If you’re waiting for an email from us, and haven’t seen it in your junk or spam folders — and your IT department is unable to help — please contact us here, and we’ll be happy to assist you. welcomes your comments on our articles and encourages you to submit any recommendations you have for future topics you’d like us to research and cover on our website.

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