nCino Wows With Digital Engagement

The company's new Retail and Services Solution provides end-to-end lending and account opening across multiple channels through a single back-end.

nCino has produced the winning lending entry in Callahan’s 2018 Innovation Series. The company credits its commitment to continuous innovation for the latest iteration of its loan origination system.

After a few years of twice-yearly releases of its Commercial Banking Solution, nCino is rolling out its Retail and Services Solution in 2018.

Kendra Tolley, retail product head at nCino in Wilmington, NC, says the intelligent, powerful cloud-based system optimizes business processes and strengthens member relationships through streamlined abilities to originate and sell and service consumer retail and small business loans.

The customizable software includes automated decisioning and member relationship management, guided by an intuitive workflow that allows credit unions to speed up the process from account opening to loan closing.


We offer a highly configurable solution that allows our customers to leverage clicks, not code, to react to business process and regulatory changes, Tolley says.

The new Retail and Services Solution works on multiple channels, allowing mobile apps, digital branches, and call centers to use the same back-end functionality on a single engagement layer.

Whether borrowers apply online or in-branch, they receive personalized service and greater transparency into their loan process.

We’re thrilled attendees chose nCino as the lending winner in Callahan’s 2018 Innovation Series, Tolley says. We’ve been recognized in the past for our company culture, rapid growth, and innovative technology, but this competition is different because the viewers choose the winner.

Credit unions are successful because of the relationships they have with their members, a reality that has become more challenging as companies like Uber, Amazon, and Netflix continually raise the bar for consumer expectations.

Credit union executives are actively looking for new, innovative ways to bridge the gap between reality and consumer expectations, offer the best member experience, and keep relationships at the center of their business, Tolley says.

Her company’s single platform solution is designed for the lending process, of course, but at its core, it’s a tool for managing relationships, a recognition of this new reality.

Looking ahead, Tolley says, We have a number of financial institutions that are about to go live with this solution, and we’re excited to share their results and tell their stories.

April 12, 2018

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