Congrats To Clients And All The Credit Unions That Measure Member Value

Callahan clients comprise majority of top credit unions in America.

A few weeks ago, Forbes (alongside market research firm Statista) released its second annual listing of the Best Credit Unions In Each State.

That list included many familiar faces. In fact, a full 61% of the honorees analyzing data, it’s one of the many things we do here at Callahan & Associates are clients of Callahan. These credit unions, and many other industry leaders, look to Callahan & Associates for industry insights and data analysis geared toward helping the nation’s financial cooperatives make decisions that better serve members and support organizational growth.

Congratulations to all our clients on the list!

A Measure Of Member Value

Surveys, reviews, Net Promoter Scores, and lists like Forbes’ which is based on consumer feedback are standard tools for measuring member perception. But, how can credit unions apply a number to the benefit they return to membership?

Enter ROM, a comprehensive metric designed by Callahan & Associates that uses savings, lending, and product usage to quantify member value and assign a score to every credit union in the United States. Credit unions across the country use their ROM score to set member-facing goals, hold staff accountable to better serve members, and demonstrate their community impact.

ROM is a quantitative way for credit unions to shout out the difference they make every day in the lives of their members and communities.

Are you curious about where your credit union falls on the ROM index? You can view your credit union’s ROM score in both CUAnalyzer and Peer-to-Peer. Log in to your Callahan Portal to get started.

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July 23, 2019

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