Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights (4Q 2019)

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.

Keeping Up With The Big Boys


One of my favorite things about [credit union name] is the customer service they provide in person and via phone. They answer all of my questions and are prompt in responding when I reach out with issues. Their banking products compete with everybank and credit union that I’ve ever worked with. The only drawback I’ve come across is that the online banking doesn’t show pending transactions, but they have the CardNav app that can assist with that. I’m looking forward to an update that fixes that quirk so they can be stellar!

Kamaria M.,


This comment provides a good example of how a history of good service can earn an institution a grace period to catch up with consumer expectations. This Western credit union has approximately $135 million in assets and 11,000 members, but it is deploying the technology needed to keep up with thebig boys.In this case, the reviewer uses a card management app to access transaction information at a level that until recently was pretty much the province of big issuers. The service apparently was not quite rolled out at the time Kamaria M. left this comment, but because of the happy relationship in place, the member is confident the credit union will resolve this issue.

The Personal, Reassuring Touch


I have very specific privacy needs because my home address is protected, and my previous bank (hi, Wells Fargo) let me down badly in this area. Because I changed my SSN and had a post office box as my official address, it was a really awkward case.It took over a week to open a new account, but [credit union name] bent over backwards to make it happen. [Staffer name] has been particularly helpful a huge turnaround from what I’m used to from the Big 5 banks. I’ve only been with them a month, but they’ve really been awesome. And yes, they have secured messaging so all my correspondence with them went over a secure web link.

Alison C.,


This $3 billion West Coast credit union worked with a member to overcome what she described as,an awkward case. Account opening, in particular brings with it a lot of know-your-customer compliance considerations.It sounds like this transactionran up against what could have been a barrier but instead became an opportunity for the institution to shine. Not only did the credit union open the account for the member but it also used secured messaging, a tech advancement that added a personal,reassuring touch to this new relationship for the new member-owner.

People Helping People


I have been rebuilding my credit for years after losing my businesses in 2009. I was in lots of debt. I have two derogatory accounts totaling $16,000 and a charge of $2,500. [Staffer name] took the time to go over why this happened. She heard mystory. Five hours later, I got an approval for a credit card of $5,000 and my car loan rate was lowered from 9.5% to 5%. Highly recommended! Thanks again.

Alfred E.,


Here’s a people helping people story about an $850 million West Coast cooperative that speaks to what member-owned financial cooperatives are all about. Instead of dropping the hammer on this debt-ridden member, the credit union offereda lending hand.She heard my story. That’s an important first step. Then, the credit union extended a new credit line and offered a better rate on another one to someone who it sounds like has been working hard to recover fromtheir own personal recession. The credit union staffer explained something that was in the rear-view mirror for the credit union but could help the member going forward. That’s the credit union way. And it’s a real reputation builder.

Employee Empowerment


Training was comprehensive and informative, work is fast paced and exciting, daily problem-solving keeps things interesting and fresh, assisting a diverse member base, gaining valuable knowledge of processing payments. Management always supportiveand willing to provide assistance when needed. Benefits and salary are amazing. The hardest (but most fulfilling) part of the job is figuring out creative solutions to complex problems.

Current Teller,


The only conlisted by this happy credit union employee is that it’s hard to advance within the company due to limited availability of positions.Not surprising, seeing the positive employment reviews in general that this Southeast credit union earns. This institution clearly values its 250-person workforce enough to make sure that even the front-line staff gets stimulating opportunities to learn and earn beyond expectations. Empowering a teller to figure out creative solutions to complex problemsalso sounds like a great way to retain both loyal members and committed staff. Would your tellers leave a review like this?

April 8, 2021

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