Marketing Messages That Resonate

3 tips from Wright-Patt to help your brand take flight.

Wright-Patt Credit Union continuously refines and promotes its brand. People know who we are, says Doug Fecher, president and CEO. We have some 94% awareness.

In promoting its brand, the credit union looks to thebest practices of others.

You can always benefit from what somebody else is doing, says Tracy Fors, director of marketing. Success sparks curiosity. We look for what’s new, what we can do, how we can innovate. Wright-Patt has more than a few bestpractices to share with other curious credit unions.

1. Fresh Look

Wright-Patt wants to grow the average age down Fors says. So the credit union gave its look and feel a facelift. It revamped its logo with fresh colors and graphics.

2. Testimonials

Third-party validation goes a long way in establishing a credit union as a reputable financial resource. Our members are telling our story, Fors says. That’s the strength of a great brand.

3. Familiar Faces

The credit union uses the faces of its own members in its marketing, but it does not rely on the services of a professional photographer. Instead, it purchased two cameras and trained its marketing staff on photo-taking basics. The staff experiments andshows one another techniques they learn while in the field. The credit union has even purchased lighting and a green background for studio sessions. We’ve learned as we’ve gone along, Fors says.

April 8, 2016

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