Targeted Strategies: 6 Ways To Successfully Segment

Maximize credit union marketing efforts by using these smart segmentation tips.

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Think targeted messages don’t matter?

Think again. According to the Data & Marketing Association, segmented campaigns increase email revenue 760%. And analysis from Experian finds personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates.

Credit unions aren’t like other financial institutions. They are member-owned cooperatives that adhere to a different set of values. Accordingly, how they define success can look different, too. Separate marketing campaigns geared toward cooperatives rather than for-profit institutions is one way to reach this audience.

But don’t stop there. Crafting campaigns that achieve maximum ROI requires further segmentation. Here are six ways to divide the market and conquer it with messages that matter.

Asset Size

Size matters when marketing to credit unions. A $75 million credit union and a $1 billion credit union vary greatly in terms of scale of operations, job duties, ability to invest in resources, and even in the regulations they follow. Target credit unions by asset bands such as $100 million – $250 million to account for differences in messaging.


Local market dynamics and economic conditions can have an outsize effect on credit unions. To create a campaign that truly stands out, customize messages that speak to the opportunities and challenges of credit unions in a specific state or region.

Pain Points

Marketing doesn’t get much more personalized than speaking directly to a credit union’s pain points like posting below average loan growth or operating less efficiently as peers. Credit union performance data is publicly available through the NCUA, but building targeted campaign lists from these massive data files requires time and expertise. Luckily, Callahan’s analytics tools aggregate and organize performance data, reducing the time it takes to build a performance-based marketing list from hours to minutes.

Data + Marketing=A Powerful Combination

Build targeted marketing lists based on credit union financial performance, geography, technology partners, and more. With CUTarget, it’s as easy as imagine, aim, and execute.

Technologies Used

Some technology solutions don’t play well together; others make magic when they join forces. For example, a card processor that integrates seamlessly with one core processor might be incompatible with another. Don’t waste time and resources to run a campaign for a subset of the industry that won’t buy due to integration issues. Instead, use integration as an angle to position products that use compatible technologies.

New Executives

Credit union executives new to their role are an ideal audience for a targeted marketing campaign. They want to make their mark and are often open to new ideas. Check local and industry publications for press releases and articles announcing new executives. Set up a Google Alert for the term credit union plus relevant job titles to start building lists of new executives.

Event Attendees

There are dozens of conferences, trade shows, and webinars every year dedicated to credit union professionals and the broader financial services industry. The focus of the event is typically indicative of the interests of its attendees. Vendor sponsors and participants can usually request a list of attendees and their credit unions. From there, build a marketing list by matching names to email and physical addresses.

Site Visitors

A variety of services help marketers track website visitors and activity. Using insights about visitor behavior, it is easier to determine what a credit union visitor might be interested in and reach out while the supplier is top-of-mind. The key is to deliver a relevant message without coming off like Big Brother.

Pick a strategy above and use it in conjunction with one or two others to create powerful messages that feel personal. As the stats show, targeted marketing is effective marketing.

March 13, 2018

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