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The Promise And Possibilities From Fintech Meetup 2022

Speed dating on steroids for the fintech industry. Why credit unions should participate.

The coronavirus pandemic is ramping up just as the fintech industry and the credit unions that depend on its advancements was preparing to go back in person for one-on-one visits and trade shows.

But that doesn’t mean the opportunities and challenges have gone away. The nation’s member-owned financial cooperatives continue to face growing competition from banks and non-banks alike eager to meet the equally fast-growing expectations of consumers who will quickly go elsewhere to get what they want and need.

But credit unions don’t have to go it alone in these uncertain times. There’s now an opportunity for their decision-makers to go face-to-face online with thousands of knowledgeable, influential suppliers of products, services,and thought leadership.

Anil D. Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Fintech Meetup

Here, Fintech Meetup founder and CEO Anil D. Aggarwal describes how.

Please describe Fintech Meetup

Anil Aggarwal: Fintech Meetup scheduled for March 8-10, 2022 is the largest meetings event in financial services technology.

We use our own proprietary technology to connect individuals and organizations from the payments, banking, and financial services community as a whole including credit unions and fintechs for potential partnerships, vendor presentations, new opportunities, networking, peer group conversations and other meaningful collaboration.

Fintech Meetup 2022 follows the success of our breakout 2021 launch event, which delivered:

  • 19,415 speed date meetings for 2,102 individuals from 1,057 organizations participants were satisfied with more than 94% of their meetings, neither satisfied/unsatisfied with 4%, and unsatisfied with less than 2%
  • 161 peer group discussions with 890 participants

Bottom line: The tens of thousands of meetings we facilitate each year help catalyze fintech innovation.

Who at credit unions should participate in a Fintech Meetup and why?

AA: Any credit union who wants to better serve its members should participate in Fintech Meetup!

Fintech Meetup enables credit unions to meet, network, and partner across the entire industry in the most efficient way possible, so that they can capture the upside of the financial services transformation that’s now well underway.

The following roles/titles from credit unions participated in the inaugural Fintech Meetup:

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • CPO
  • CFO
  • Chief Member Development Officer
  • Head of Product
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Payments
  • Head of Digital
  • Head of Partnerships

How does participating in a Fintech Meetup increase member value for client credit unions?

AA: We believe that member-owned financial cooperatives play a pivotal and critical role in serving their communities and members, and Fintech Meetup is designed to support the growth and transformation of credit unions.

Fintech Meetup allows credit unions to see the latest products, services, and solutions that can help transform their offering to members. At the same time, they can learn from and network with other credit unions as well as the larger financial services community.

Fintech Meetup is incredibly time efficient and effective, delivering up to two dozen 15-minute speed-date style meetings per participant. Each meeting is double opt-in, so everyone meets with only the people they want to meet and who want to meet them.

Our goal is to enable credit unions accomplish three months’worth of high-value meetings in less than three half-days.

What have been some of the concrete results from your first Fintech Meetup?

AA:Fintech Meetup credit union participants have reported successfully:

  • Filling their partnership and fintech pipelines for the next 12 months with opportunities actively being pursued to benefit their members
  • Rapidly performing comprehensive product and market scans of potential solutions that would otherwise take them months of work to complete
  • Forging new fintech partnerships in the areas of:
    • Account application and opening solutions
    • Digital banking solutions
    • Real time payments
    • Digital lending and loan automation solutions
    • Core processing platforms and services

That’s in addition to connecting with and learning from industry peers and colleagues during Fintech Meetup’s 55-minute peer-group moderated Tabletalk discussions.

What differentiates your offering from competitors?

AA: There’s no other virtual event like Fintech Meetup! All other virtual events focus on keynotes and fireside chats, while Fintech Meetup is all about getting down to business. In 2022, that means more than 4,000 participantsbenefiting from more than 30,000 15-minute partnership discussions for as many as 4,000 participants.

How can people contact you?

AA: Please email us at hey@fintechmeetup.com or visit us online at www.fintechmeetup.com.

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August 12, 2021

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