Investment Trends & Insights For Credit Unions


December 15, 2021


02:00 PM - 03:00 PM


Callahan & Associates, Inc.


Risk markets rebounded in late November following Black Friday’s Omicron scare that sent U.S. stocks down more than 2% and term Treasury yields down 14-18 basis points. Implied volatility in the Treasury market, as measured by the MOVE Index, is now at the highest level since March 30, 2020.

This webinar will help you look beyond the headlines to better understand what is driving the current market trends that could impact your credit union’s investment portfolio. Experts from ALM First, investment advisor for Trust for Credit Unions, and Callahan Financial Services, distributor of Trust for Credit Unions, will share key insights on the latest market news and an analysis of the most recent industry data to help you assess the current landscape.

Join Callahan & Associates and Jason Haley, chief investment officer, ALM First, and Jay Johnson, president, Trust for Credit Unions, for an interactive discussion about the latest economic and market insights along with investment trends based on 3Q 2021 Performance Data for all U.S. Credit Unions.

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