Lessons Learned: Fighting Financial Crime During and Post Covid-19


July 28, 2021


02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST


NICE Actimize


Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of technology in nearly every sector including the financial industry. Digital banking solutions have become the new normal as we continue to adapt to the pandemic. It is expected that this trajectory of digital transformation will continue to expedite in the future, not only for larger financial institutions but also for credit unions.

As the use of digital banking soars, so does the risk of dealing with fraudsters and money launderers. Hence, fighting financial crime has become even more crucial to ensure your members continue to get the best out of their digital banking experience.

In this session, NICE Actimize will share what lessons were learned during COVID, and how credit unions can employ new strategies to deal with financial crime during a digital transformation.

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