TriVerity Digital Collection Call Success Training


September 12, 2023


09:00 AM - 04:00 PM


TriVerity & The Loan Service Center


This one-day live training course was designed for all levels of financial institution collection staff. It will immediately improve collection efficiencies and reduce delinquencies and help put ‘Resolved’ to collection calls. Call quality vs. call quantity. This training will focus on improving call quality, which in turn will lead to a natural flow of achieving call quantity.

Topics will focus on collection call method essentials and compliance:
• Critique and learn from live recorded calls
• Collecting within FDCPA & CFPB guidelines
• Master the proven TVT 5 Call Type collection method
• Learn call assessment tools to ensure call quality
• Learn effective verbal and written communications
• Best practices for Skip Tracing / Repossession / Bankruptcy

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