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Industry Webinars

Investment Strategies for Rising and Volatile Rates

It is official, the latest FED tightening cycle has begun. How did it get here? Where is it headed? How will this impact the financial/investment decisions for credit unions?

Industry Webinars

How Prepared Is Your Credit Union?

CPI, Self-Insurance, and Blanket Coverage: A Quick Overview of Portfolio Protection Options


1Q22 Trendwatch

Learn about credit union performance trends gathered from first quarter data.

Industry Webinars

The Financial Impact Of Investing In The Member Experience

What’s the ROI on a Member Experience program? Focusing on the member experience feels like the right thing to do, but executives are always seeking data to quantify the relationship between loyalty and bottom line results.

Industry Webinars

Simplifying the Onboarding Process: How Your Credit Union Can Level Up!

Digital onboarding starts with understanding the evolving needs of your members. Members want a unified experience that proactively anticipates their needs and simplifies the onboarding process across digital, call center, and branch channels.

Industry Webinars

2022 NCUA 5300 Call Report Changes

This webinar will educate credit union leaders on how the upcoming 1Q22 5300 Call Report changes might impact their data, analytics, reporting, and comparative analytics programs.

CFS Investment Trends

Investment Trends And Insights For Credit Unions

Callahan & Associates; Jason Haley, chief investment officer for ALM First; and Jay Johnson, president of Trust for Credit Unions, discuss the latest economic trends and market insights.

Real-Time Payments Funding Agents 101

Watch today, to learn what credit unions should know about using funding agents to connect to real-time payment rails

Trendwatch 3Q22

Watch Trendwatch to learn about credit union performance trends gathered from 3Q 2022 data.

What is the Future of Student Lending for Credit Unions

In late August, the Biden-Harris administration announced their long-awaited plans for easing the financial burden of the millions of Americans who hold federal student loans. Watch this session to get answers!

2Q22 Trendwatch

Learn about credit union performance trends gathered from second quarter data.

Clearwater Embraces Its CDFI Status

Leaders of the Montana cooperative discuss the importance of the credit union’s certification as a community development financial institution and how that status dovetails with the institution’s broader mission.

Clearwater Credit Union: What’s In A Brand?

Clearwater Credit Union leaders look back on their credit union’s history and branding and reflect on the path that led to where they are today.

Paying Loans Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Paying loans shouldn’t be difficult. The easier it is to pay your loans, the more likely you will have on-time payments and payers that want to do more banking with you.

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