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Trendwatch 2023

Watch Trendwatch 4Q23 to learn about credit union performance trends gathered from 4Q 2023 data. You’ll find out where cooperatives are experiencing success and where additional opportunities lie. During Trendwatch, you’ll also get current insights into vital financial and operational metrics related to growth, penetration, lending, shares, member relationships, and more. During Trendwatch, you’ll learn:

Industry Webinars

Next Steps to CDFI Recertification: Assessing How Your Credit Union Moves Forward

Watch this webinar to hear CU Strategic Planning experts talk about their next level assessment of what you’ll need to do to keep winning CDFI FA/TA grant dollars and understanding the steps to recertification. We will be looking at our Green/Yellow/Red 2024 assessments of CDFI recertification and what you’ll need to do to comply. Download


Trendwatch 3Q23

Watch Trendwatch 3Q23 to learn about credit union performance trends gathered from 3Q 2023 data.


Trendwatch 2Q 2023

Watch Trendwatch 2Q23 to learn about credit union performance trends gathered from 2Q 2023 data.

NCUA’s New NSF/OD Fee Reporting

As of 1Q24, the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) now requires credit unions over $1B in assets to report total income earned through NSF and Overdraft (OD) fees. This new mandate highlights regulator’s increasing focus on NSF/OD fee policy, and brings a wave of questions and concerns for credit union leaders charged with managing their […]

Never Having To Pay Employee Benefits Again

There are many misconceptions around NCUA’s 701.19 regulation and how it can be utilized to the benefit of a credit union. In the past, credit unions have used strategies like COLI/BOLI, Split-dollar plans, 457(f), and other investments mainly for executive benefits. However, the feedback Credit Union Benefit received for their credit union clients was that […]

1Q24 Trendwatch

Watch 1Q24 Trendwatch to learn about credit union performance trends gathered from 1Q 2024 data. During Trendwatch, you’ll learn: -Credit union strengths and opportunities revealed from quarter-end data. -Industry-wide benchmarks against which to measure your credit union’s performance. -How the economic environment figures to impact credit unions. Additionally, you’ll hear from special guests: -Alloya Corporate […]

All Things CDFI: Recertification, Grants and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Awards

Watch CU Strategic Planning’s experts discuss: Recertification – what needs to be done NOW to retain your certification and how CU Strategic Planning can help you with 2023 and 2024 data. The new certification standards – how to work with them to benefit your credit union, and how the new reg impacts current CDFI awards. Greenhouse […]

2024 Credit Card Market Overview

Watch the following webinar to explore how credit unions are performing against dominant credit card issuers and what to expect in 2024.

NCUA’s 2024 Supervisory Priorities

During this insightful session, Callahan’s industry analytics experts will break down three key focus areas for credit union leaders: liquidity, credit, and interest rate risk.

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