4 Reasons Credit Unions Need To Train Front-Line Staff As Financial Counselors

When all staff can recognize members’ financial challenges and make timely recommendations, you can improve your members’ financial lives and your credit union’s bottom line.
By CU Strategic Planning

The traditional financial counselor model is no longer enough. If your credit union wants to remain competitive and truly help your members to lead a life of financial freedom you need to spread the knowledge deeper throughout your team.

Think about everyone on your staff who interacts directly with your membership. How many of them have financial counseling specific skills and training? Your credit union needs to leverage every member interaction.

This webinar will explain how:

  • Having more trained financial counselors will allow your credit union to do well by doing good
  • Your team can prevent financial catastrophes by catching distress early and preventing losses to borrowers, creating a win-win for you and your members
  • Having more trained financial counselors on staff will increase loyalty, NPS scores, and other measurable impacts (within the balance sheet and beyond)
  • To find an affordable and flexible solution so your credit union will see benefits immediately

Watch the webinar now to learn the ways that financial counseling training can benefit your credit union and members, and what to look for in training that fits the needs of your front-line staff.

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