Coming Of Age: Competing In Today’s Tech Landscape

For credit unions to compete with large-scale and community banks, they must first understand the obstacles that can deter growth and the bottom line.
By Finastra

Join Milind Pathak, senior director of US Core Platforms and Integration at Finastra, Josh Cook, chief operating officer of Community Choice Credit Union, and Sam Taft, AVP of Analytics at Callahan Associates for a discussion on how credit unions must adapt and invest in non-traditional products and services to keep up with banking competitors.

This webinar includes a financial overview from Callahan Associates plus a rare QA with Community Choice Credit Union regarding its experience competing in today’s tech landscape.

You Will Learn:

  • A historical look at credit union performance in lending, efficiency, and technology spend and what it means moving forward.
  • Why managing across multiple systems interferes with your credit union’s growth.
  • How Community Choice Credit Union has changed their technology focus to enhance how they service their members and streamline internal processes, and the process they go through in determining their needs.
  • Tips on what to look for to gain efficiency and cost savings in your technology strategy.


Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Industry Overview
Part 3: Our Tech Landscape
Part 4: Questions

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