Frictionless Member Experiences For Today’s Mobile Consumer

Join Neustar to learn how to incorporate offline, digital, and unspoofable device data elements into a multi layered approach to identity.
By Neustar, a TransUnion Company

Session 2: A Planning Primer To Leverage Positive Momentum

In 2018, Callahan Associates is pushing credit unions to ask tough questions.

For Jay Johnson, partner at Callahan Associates and sought-after industry strategist, that means asking questions to uncover what credit unions really need to act on to leverage 10 years of economic and credit union movement growth.

His recent visits with credit unions have underscored optimism within the industry and demonstrated how leadership teams are using metrics and moxie to confidently turn challenges into opportunities.

Join Jay to explore how credit unions can leverage positive momentum and ask tough questions as they go into planning season this fall.


A positive and low-friction member experience means increased member satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and greater member lifetime value. But in an already crowded pool of financial institutions vying for consumers attention, how do you differentiate yourself from the pack?

Generation X and Millennials are aging, causing a shift in the core demographic of customers and how they choose to interact with their financial institutions. These consumers prefer to bank via online or mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc.), instead of visiting the traditional branch. In this new normal of faceless interactions, do you know with certainty whether a real member is on the other end of those transactions or a fraud impersonating the member?

Identity is the foundation of an effective, low-friction, low-risk multi-channel communication experience across the member lifecycle. Rather than relying on multifactor authentication to identify members, financial institutions need to include additional layers of verification to ensure members are who they say they are, without adding unnecessary member friction.

In this webinar, Neustar will discuss how to incorporate offline, digital, and unspoofable device data elements into a multi layered approach to identity.


Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Fraud: Reduce Losses And Minimize Friction
Part 3: Member Care
Part 4: Member Engagement
Part 5: Questions

Download the case study to learn how a major financial services organization was able to prioritize their outbound dials for significantly higher RPC rates and revenue-per-dial.

This white paper provides key insights on how intelligent customer data drives revenue and reduces risk for financial institutions.

Watch this American Banker webinar featuring financial fraud experts discussing how to fight fraud while reducing customer friction.

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Part 1: Introductions
Part 2: Credit Unions Have Momentum
Part 3: Best To Plan When Business Is Strong
Part 4: Preparing For A Successful Planning Session
Part 5: Questions

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