Member Experience Challenges For 2019

Learn how one credit union is turning challenges into triumphs.
By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

One credit union spent three years studying, investing in, and obsessing over perfecting the member experience. They worked to be different from any other financial service provider. This is their story. Get an inside look from a member of the founding team, on how they used technology, new competitors, and member expectations to win big. You’ll get an expert’s assessment of the current landscape, plus a look at future plans for this pioneering organization.

What you’ll come away with:

  • Banking specific CX trends in 2019.
  • Strategies for overcoming critical obstacles in 2019.
  • The key players you’ll need to launch a successful program.


Ralph Cumbee, SVP – CXO (Chief Experience Officer), Solarity Credit Union
Ralph is the Chief Experience Officer at Solarity Credit Union. Prior to Solarity Ralph served as President of First Community Bank of America, EVP at First National Bank of Pasco and VP at SunTrust Bank.
Ralph’s experience comprises lending, retail banking, technology, compliance, and ALCO. Focused primarily on the efficient delivery of value through technology and innovation in products and process, Ralph is especially interested in how user experience drives engagement.
Ralph’s biggest professional joys come from developing his team, his institution, and his clients, with an overarching goal to understand and anticipate the needs of his customer and staff.

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