Reach Credit Unions In 2018

The team explores tips and tricks for standing out and reaching credit unions in 2018.
By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Event Details

The vendor marketplace is getting more and more competitive. As new suppliers enter into the credit union industry, how will your organization stand out?

You’ll learn:

-What topics are top of mind for credit unions in 2018
-Key issues credit unions are facing as we enter 2018
-How credit unions are performing as an industry
-What advertising opportunities are best for lead generation and branding

And more!

During the webinar, you’ll also get a full overview of available advertising options for the 2018 calendar year. We’ll pinpoint the best bang for your buck and share success stories of what other suppliers did to capture leads.

Whether you are looking for advertising options or just want advice on what resonates with credit unions, this webinar is for you!


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