Lessons Learned From The NCUA Budget

When the agency sets no measurable goals, it's hard for credit unions to hold it accountable.

I was reading through some comments this week and came across this email to the NCUA. And I thought Wow, Vic is not wrong. Too bad Sarah V. does not have the power, or the ear of anyone that has any power, to push the NCUA in the right direction.

Wow. Tell me why I’m wrong.

P.S. This is my WikiLeaks moment for the month.

This commentary appeared originally on tellmewhyimwrong.com, a website designed to generate discussion about the credit union industry and the topics that impact credit union growth and development. Randy Karnes is the CEO of CU*Answers and has been an active participant in the credit union industry since 1985.

November 1, 2016

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