April Showers. May Flowers. And June Bugs.

Get the garden party started by finding these spring-y credit union names.

Spring is the perfect time to give Mother Nature a helping hand, and the team at The Last Word Laboratories found a way to do that right here in our own backyard. This quarter’s puzzle is devoted to the credit unions with the greenest thumbs or at least the names that suggest as much.

Word Bank:

BigSpring [Ed. Emp. FCU]; Blue Water [FCU]; ChangingSeasons [FCU];

CPlant [FCU]; Evergreen [Credit Union]; GardenState [FCU];

Grow [Financial FCU]; GulfWinds [FCU]; NewHorizons [Credit Union];

OBee [Credit Union]; Planters [FCU]; PointBreeze [Credit Union];

StCloud[FCU]; Sun [Credit Union]; Sunflower [FCU]; WhiteRose [Credit Union];

MintValley [FCU]; Flowers [Emp. Credit League CU]; GreenCountry [FCU];

Sky [FCU]

March 1, 2018

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