Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights (2Q 2020)

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.


Managerial Quality


The manager in the mortgage department cares about her employees, striving to mentor them to the next level. I have witnessed disgruntled employees that have left this department then try to come back to work for this manager. That shows the caliber of the manager.

Current Employee,


This reviewer says they have been working at this Southern credit union for five years. It’s a nearly $2 billion shop with lots of activity and pressure, no doubt, in its mortgage business. Having a good manager who engenders loyalty like this is a good sign. After all, being mentored to the next level is good for the employee and the business.

Wasted Time


58 Minutes WASTED on the phone. Called with a question about my statement closing date. Spoke to three poorly trained representatives, each with a holding time. The first person I spoke to after holding said I needed to speak to card services, then after an additional hold the card services person said I needed to speak with [credit union], suggesting that card services is not part of [credit union]. After another hold the third representative didn’t understand my question. In the end, they told me to wait for the branch to open to speak with someone who can answer my question. So much for 24/7 customer service.



It sounds like the third-party call center this large Midwest credit union uses for after-hours service did a good job of disguising the fact it was a third party; however, it could have done a better job of providing quality member service. The lesson here: Monitor your vendors performance. As far as the member is concerned, those vendors are the credit union.

Smooth Service


I’ve had very helpful service from [credit union]. More than once, they’ve warned me that a check I’d deposited was in danger of bouncing and gave me a chance to have the check writer correct the situation. Other banks I’ve dealt with would just happily charge a fee.
I think their online banking has gotten much smoother in the past few years. Sometimes when purchases aren’t posted immediately, it can be the fault of the business where you make the purchase. I know certain places wait quite a while to send in charges, and the bank can’t post them until they receive them.

Nancy K.,


This is not a small credit union. It generally has the reputation as one of the best financial institutions in its market and has had that reputation for many years. This is an example of why. Calling a member to apprise them of a situation in which they might not receive their funds is great member service. There are lots of ways and channels through which credit unions can provide similar service. Just do it.
Aside from service, this is a member who obviously follows transactions closely. Lots of people do. Remember, members are watching online and in the branches.

Editorial Note: The writer of this column is a member of this credit union.

September 30, 2020

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