CUbroadcast Highlights Big Idea For 2018

Callahan's managing partner Jon Jeffreys discusses the need for credit unions to ask tough questions.

In the past, each of the senior leaders at Callahan chose a big idea to explore throughout the year on This year, we’re going all in on one big idea, and we’re using that idea to frame our discussions about the industry for the rest of 2018.

That idea is: In the face of the industry’s financial success, is your credit union asking the tough questions?

This week, I caught up with Mike Lawson at CUbroadcast. We talk about why credit unions need to strive for more, why the industry isn’t further along than it already is, why it might be looking too bank-like, and more.

Check it out.

What’s The Big Idea?

Asking tough questions will help the credit union movement flourish. Make Callahan’s Commentary on a regular stop for insight on thinking differently about tough questions and framing strategies for success.

January 19, 2018

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