CUbroadcast Highlights Callahan’s Anatomy Of Innovations FCU

Callahan's Erik Payne and the credit union's CEO David Southall discuss Innovations' recovery efforts in the wake of disaster.

On Oct. 10, Hurricane Michael hit Florida with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. It was the first Category 5 storm to hit the Panhandle, and the fourth strongest landfalling hurricane in the contiguous U.S. The hurricane caused 49 deaths and an estimated $25 billion in damage, making it one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. Hundreds of thousands of people had their lives impacted in one way or another: lives were lost, houses destroyed, businesses disrupted. On the ground, the affected communities lost electricity and cell service; fuel to power backup generators and vehicles was scarce; tires were easily damaged as people drove through town in the wake of the storm to begin a clean-up process that continues to this day.

When disaster strikes, one thing that everyone needs is access to their money. Innovations Federal Credit Union ($272.5M, Panama City, FL) knew what it had to do: re-open and provide financial services to members in need. When it did open, four days later, it was the first financial institution to do so.

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with CUbroadcast’s Mike Lawson and the credit union’s CEO David Southall to talk about Innovation’s recovery efforts and Callahan’s Anatomy series. Enjoy.


July 29, 2019

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