CUbroadcast Highlights Standing Up For Financial Equality

In episode No. 939, Callahan's SVP Katy Slater discusses how credit unions can benefit by standing up for financial access and equality.

There’s a farm in my neck of the woods that I know well. It sells produce, gives seasonal tours, and puts on a popular fall festival. And I know where it stands. Earlier this year, Cox Farms updated its roadside signs to align with its moral compass. One said, Resist White Supremacy. The other, Rise Up Against Injustice. A viral firestorm of diverse opinions ensued, including on Facebook where the owners posted a thoughtful and lengthy response that basically said: We know this might hurt our business, but we felt compelled to take a stand.

That got me thinking, not about politics, but about credit unions. About the credit union movement and how willing credit unions are to put their money where their mission is, even if it’s not necessarily profitable or popular. I wrote about it on in a piece called What’s Your Sign?

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with CUbroadcast’s Mike Lawson to discuss the piece, and how similar boldness can benefit credit unions. Check it out!

It’s Time For Tough Questions

Asking tough questions helps the credit union movement flourish. Make Callahan’s Tough Questions commentary on a regular stop for insight on thinking differently about the movement and framing strategies for success.

May 21, 2018

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