Department Dashboards: Callahan’s CUAnalyzer Tool Is New And Improved

Interested in your credit union’s performance? CUAnalyzer will show and tell you how you are performing compared to peers in almost any metric

Social Distancing is affecting all of us in a myriad of ways, including forcing us to slow down our busy lives. As a result, some people have more time on their hands, and many are filling those gaps with education and self-improvement.

For those interested in data analysis, Callahan & Associates strives to provide detailed, at-your-own-pace learning experiences that can bring value to users of any knowledge level from those unfamiliar with financial data to C-level leadership.

In light of these goals, Callahan & Associates has updated and relaunched the CUAnalyzer platform to better serve our clients. As time goes by, credit union’s financial metrics evolve to meet their changing business models and the associated shifts in the economic climate. We recognize that data and analysis needs are constantly changing and have adapted our CUAnalyzer program accordingly. The program’s data displays, packets, and written analysis have all been revisited and revamped.

CUAnalyzer pulls industry information from the NCUA 5300 Call Report and organizes that data into a user-friendly interface made up of point-and-click displays. These displays depict the data in clearly formatted graphs that make it easy to view trends over time and benchmark against a self-selected group of similar credit unions. Many of the displays in CUAnalyzer come with customized Ratio Definition and Performance Analysis captions. These paragraphs explain what the graph is depicting, why the metric is important, and how your credit union is performing compared to your selected peers. These captions have all been edited and improved to better reflect the industry’s current environment and the related evolution of technology and delivery channels.


Among CUAnalyzer’s most popular features include the Role packets, centralized and customizable slide decks that consolidate metrics relevant to each major credit union position. Now called Department Dashboards, these packets have been carefully reconstructed based on feedback gathered from users in various roles to provide a more comprehensive one-stop-shop user-experience for credit union staff in any part of the organization. Each display and the associated Performance Analysis explanation is better tailored to the operational and financial benchmarking needs of each department.

Log in to your credit union’s account on the Callahan Portal to begin learning, navigating to Analytical Tools on the left-hand column, and selecting CUAnalyzer. Explore the packets on the left side of the CUAnalyzer main page and look for the metrics that are of the most interest to you. Don’t forget to use the search bar in the upper right of the display screen to help you find what you need!

Whether you are a seasoned CUAnalyzer veteran or this is your first login, try visiting our new Department Dashboards. Open the packet that most closely relates to your position to view your financial story.

Check out the Finance dashboard for information on how your net interest margin has moved in relation to your cost of funds. If you are more people-focused, visit the Human Resources dashboard to review your credit union’s performance on a per-employee basis. In the Lending dashboard, users can view loan portfolios and see how they correlate to loan yields. Each dashboard is filled with its own unique combination of displays, some of which are sure to pique your interest.

As the final step of our CUAnalyzer overhaul, we are launching a series of customized CUAnalyzer trainings based on users roles. Our goal is to set aside time to clearly explain how CUAnalyzer can make your job easier, whether you work in administration, analytics, marketing, lending, back office support, or anywhere else! Keep an eye out for further communication regarding these trainings soon.

New And Improved CUAnalzyer

Over 1,800 institutions currently have access to CUAnalyzer either directly with Callahan or through a league association.

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April 7, 2020

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