How Peer-To-Peer Can Help You Work Smarter

What does the industry have to say about this knowledge-based offering from Callahan & Associates?

Peer-to-Peer, the industry’s leading in-depth financial analysis and benchmarking resource, helps credit unions conduct detailed research. This robust tool from Callahan & Associates is a one-stop resource for credit union data and includes thousands of industry data points and filters for conducting fine-tuned research.

But don’t take just our word for it.

Callahan clients can sign up for a Peer-to-Peer Bootcamp, a two-day, on-site course designed for beginner- or immediate-level users interested in learning how performance benchmarking can help save time and work more efficiently. Here’s what some bootcamp attendees of have to say about the instruction and the software:

The bootcamp helped teach me to use the program more efficiently and effectively, so I could go a little bit deeper and pull a little more data compared to the high-level information I was able to pull previously. Eric Sanchez, Director of Strategic Partnerships, CU Student Choice


I think most people are hands-on learners, but I am an extremely hands-on learner. It was absolutely beneficial to be face-to-face I can’t imagine doing the bootcamp on a web call or on the phone. Plus, we then have that relationship built so we don’t feel bad when we ask basic questions; we feel comfortable reaching out to ask for help. And our instructors did an amazing job. Sami Stanley, Client Relations Manager, CU Student Choice

The biggest value it provides me is the ability to compare existing clients. Many credit unions use peer comparisons to gauge whether or not they’re successful in their markets. For me, to be able to come into a conversation, know what their peers are doing, I can engage in more meaningful conversations and bring more value to my day-to-day. Suzanne Wilkins, Director of Strategic Partnerships, CU Student Choice

Your Goals. Peer’s Help.

Accelerate your team’s understanding of Peer-to-Peer with Callahan’s immersive, hands-on Bootcamp. Learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts to glean actionable insights from this powerful tool.



December 21, 2018

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