How To Respond When Words Aren’t Enough

These credit union-ready memes offer a quick way to share a memorable comment via social media.

Internet memes broke into the mainstream nearly two decades ago and are still making their mark in pop culture today. On a broader scale, memes are concepts that permeate a culture through images, practices, writing, or gestures. For social media and other online platforms, memes draw on shared, pre-existing cultural concepts to transmit a nuanced, wide-ranging message in a quick and efficient fashion.

For example, a person can decline an invitation to a party with an explanation of their difficult work week, concerns about running into a shared friend they would rather avoid, and a desire to simply stay home and catch up on their DVR with a nice glass of wine.

Or, they can simply respond with Grumpy Cat.


It’s the same message communicated in half the time with twice the laughs.

Admittedly, not all memes and social media messages are appropriate for professional use. RBS investment bank head Rory Cullinan had a run-in with senior management over his use of Snapchat, and we at Callahan and Associates don’t want to see the same thing happen to you, our loyal readers.

That’s why we culled the marketplace and created the following credit union-appropriate memes.

1. When NCUA’s regulators exhibit confusing behavior in the face of what seems like a beneficial opportunity …

Use this instead –>


2. When a co-worker explains a complex task in overly simplistic terms

<– Don’t use this; Use this instead –>


3. When you’re trying to show encouragement

<– Don’t use this; Use this instead –>


4. And finally, when we at Callahan want to celebrate the completion of a difficult task or notable win,

<– We don’t use this; We use this instead –>


Now it’s your turn. Make your own credit union-flavored memes and share them with us.

Happy April Fools Day!

Erik Payne contributed to this blog.

April 1, 2015

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