Serve A SEG. Capture Deposits.

SEGs and local businesses help credit unions capture IRA and Keough balances.

Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. That’s according to research from the U.S. Census Bureau. Maybe, then, it should come as no surprise that lending at credit unions continues to increase faster than shares to the tune of 10.7% versus 6.8%, respectively.

As of third quarter, the loan-to-share ratio was 81.3%, according to data from Callahan & Associates. Credit unions need to build deposits to fund their lending activity, and partnering with select employee groups (SEGs) or local businesses offers a natural solution to these needs.

Credit unions offer competitive products, services, and value to every member-owner; that’s what the movement is all about. And one way the system does this is by offering savings vehicles and financial planning services.

Many credit unions started as offshoots of companies that wanted to offer employees the benefits of credit union membership. Today, many credit unions are still interwoven with the parent company, which affects how the cooperative operates. When looking at the industry leaders in average IRA/Keough balances, SEG-based credit unions top the charts.


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Rank State Name Assets Average IRA/Keough IRA/Keough Concentration Loans To Shares Field Of Membership
1 AL Mead Coated Board $52,641,176 $98,857 28.98% 22.25% Manufacturing
2 NJ Merck Employees $1,975,578,674 $98,559 24.85% 9.66% Manufacturing
3 IN Solidarity Community $235,025,549 $82,823 5.03% 97.06% Community
4 AZ Banner $60,944,355 $82,217 4.89% 48.22% Primarily Healthcare
5 NY Self Reliance New York $1,314,498,284 $59,781 16.93% 66.72% Association
6 CA Parsons $208,614,069 $59,456 32.48% 50.75% MCB – Other
7 OK WEOKIE $1,083,928,714 $57,217 10.48% 83.37% Other
8 TN Appalachian Community $207,960,996 $54,709 6.83% 88.91% Community
9 TN Kingsport Press $68,870,739 $52,345 42.62% 67.42% Other
10 NY Lufthansa Employees $96,664,534 $52,344 28.11% 9.68% Service – Transportation

Source: Callahan & Associates.

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In today’s financial climate, there’s an opportunity for credit unions to better serve members and business by increasing IRA/Keough long-term savings.

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