So, What Do You Do?

There's a new wave of positions in credit union land that suggest cooperatives are thinking differently about competition and success in today's financial services environment.

This quarter, Strategy & Performance is trying something new. Instead of profiling several people at a single institution in our Anatomy Of A Credit Union series, we’ve produced a special section that casts a wider net to profile one person at several institutions.

What’s the occasion? More than ever, credit unions are rethinking employee roles and the corresponding job titles themselves. Why? Partly, it’s strategic. In this changing financial services environment, the part played by the financial cooperative is changing, and so, too, are the directives from leadership.

In the past several years, we’ve taken note of credit unions that have turned traditional job roles on their heads to think differently about the industry’s model in today’s world. The following pages showcase six of our favorite titles and the employees who hold them. The job holders discuss why the credit union created a new position as well as the strategic significance and responsibilities of the role.

Here are the job titles featured in the second quarter issue of Strategy & Performance:

  • Vice President Of Digital Transformation
  • Director Of Continuous Improvement
  • Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
  • Strategic Analytics & Member Insights Manager
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Success Navigator

To read every entry in this series, click here. And don’t worry, the Anatomy Of A Credit Union series will return in the third quarter issue of Strategy & Performance.

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September 20, 2019

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