Best Of Member Experience 2018

Here are seven savvy ways credit unions across the land upped their member experience game in 2018, and shared their experience and learnings with their peers on

The importance of improving the member experience has taken center stage as competitors for the hearts and dollars of the American consumer continuously up their products and services game.

Many successful credit unions are ramping up theirs, too, and are happy to share their own experience with their peers.

Here are seven of our favorite articles about member experience that appeared on in the past year.

7.Trigger Words And Complaint Resolution At A Florida Credit Union

Community First Credit Union of Florida ($1.6B, Jacksonville, FL) believes that chatbots and virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can only go so far in handling the complexity of relating to real live humans. A new escalation system that makes it easy to speak to a senior manager has resulted in double-digit growth in member satisfaction.

6.How To Answer Member Questions Like A Boss

Member communications is a major piece of a satisfying experience with the financial institution that wins and keeps a consumer’s attention and business. Commonwealth Credit Union ($1.2B, Frankfort, KY) figures that should start at the top, so, using social media or a form on its HeyKaren page, CCU members and non-members alike can ask their banking questions using the hashtag (#HeyKaren), and president and CEO Karen Harbin personally responds.


5.An Innovative Way To Help Members Navigate Life’s Challenges

A new member experience initiative at CommunityAmerica Credit Union ($2.7B, Lenexa, KS) has put members’ futures into the hands with the most skin in the game their own. They began with the challenge of how to pay for college.

4.Member Experience Runs Deep In Georgia

Georgia’s Own Credit Union ($2.5B, Atlanta, GA) has created a three-person team dedicated to member advocacy. Their charge: to work across all departments to ensure the member experience is considered in every action and reaction the credit union takes and makes, from handling member complaints to working with the technologists on system enhancements.

3.Alexa, How Does Numerica Do Payments?

Recognizing the growing popularity of talk-to-them internet machines, Numerica Credit Union ($2.3B, Spokane Valley, WA) become a front-runner with early adoption of Alexa functionality. Mark Fox, the Evergreen State credit union’s vice president of payments, explains how that move was just part of Numerica’s comprehensive member service digital strategy.

2.Simple Ways To Engage Members

Town & Country Credit Union ($425.4M, Minot, ND) entered 2018 with a new CEO and a broad-based strategy aimed at upping member engagement. The first results are in and show encouraging gains as the credit union scrapped traditional media and fees, improved processes, and deepened its participation in community life.

1.The New Face Of The Front Line

The deployment of interactive teller machines across credit union land has become pretty ubiquitous above a certain asset size, but best practices for ITM use keep evolving. Here, Tucson Federal Credit Union ($448.4M, Tucson, AZ) shares how it improved member service out front and efficiencies behind the scene as it became the first ITM-powered credit union in its market.


December 21, 2018

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