Anatomy Of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union

The ANATOMY series is a quarterly, multi-feature profile that explores the strategies and analyzes the performance of an exemplary credit union.


The Thread That Binds
Jeanne DArc, one of the countrys oldest credit unions, taps into its mill-town past to demonstrate its commitment to its hometowns future.
By Erik Payne

Color-Blind Banking For Better Financial Futures
Jeanne DArc serves members of all incomes with one goal in mind: Help them better their financial lives.
By Erik Payne

Community Involvement By The Numbers
How Jeanne DArc makes a difference to those it serves.
By Erik Payne

The Roots Of Financial Freedom
When Three in-school branches at area high schools help student staffers develop real-world skills and foster financial knowledge.
By Erik Payne

With Gratitude

Jeanne DArc has a storied history, but its just as focused on its future as it is on its past. Callahan Associates wants to thank the following individuals for sharing their time and insight so other credit unions might learn from the credit unions efforts to better the financial lives of members.

Mark Cochran, CEO

“Our history is something we can build on and our members can relate to. It represents our legacy.” — Mark Cochran, CEO

Michelle Silveria, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

“I believe in the credit union movement, and I really believe what Jeanne DArc stands for. We pride ourselves on community outreach, volunteerism, finding ways to give back, and hiring employees with the heart to serve.” — Michelle Silveria, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Sousa, SVP & Chief Lending Officer

“The passion of the people who work here, and how they recognize what it is we stand for, is pretty amazing to me.” — Brian Sousa, SVP Chief Lending Officer

Paul McDonald, VP Residential Consumer Lending

“I didn’t know anything about the credit union when I joined. But as I’ve learned more about the organization, I’m glad I made the decision I did.” — Paul McDonald, VP Residential Consumer Lending

Anne Marie Sousa, VP Marketing Financial Education

“I’m proud to work here for what we do for our community, who we are as an organization, and the care we show to our members and one another.” —  Anne Marie Sousa, VP VP Marketing Financial Education

July 1, 2018

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