Anatomy Of VSECU

The ANATOMY series is a quarterly, multi-feature profile that explores the strategies and analyzes the performance of an exemplary credit union.

VSECU (Vermont State Employees Credit Union) is setting itself apart from other financial institutions operating in Vermont and beyond. Described as the greenest credit union in the country, the cooperative’s green lending program promotes renewable resources and energy efficiency to create a more sustainable, affordable future for members. But the credit union’s optimistic vision for the future doesn’t stop with lending; it also supports causes such as hunger relief, local cooperative businesses, winter heating discounts, medical cannabis banking, and immigrant resettlement.


VSECU Eyes A Green Future In Vermont
Energy lending, community impact programs, medical cannabis banking, and more have helped VSECU cross $1 billion in assets as it reaches its 75th anniversary.
By E.C. Harrison

The Brave New World Of Green Lending
Energy efficiency loans, zero-carbon goals, underwriting, and strategic partnerships drive lending growth at VSECU.
By E.C. Harrison

Making A Community Impact In Vermont And Beyond
Member-directed giving, values-based programs, and the cooperative spirit all guide VSECU’s efforts to leave a positive impact on its community.
By E.C. Harrison

10 Ways VSECU Embraces Community Impact
From lending off the grid to feeding appetites and wallets and much more in between VSECU supports quality of life for members, business, and communities across the state of Vermont.
By E.C. Harrison

The COVID Crisis Then And Now
Inside VSECU’s pandemic response effort and remote working strategy
By E.C. Harrison

The Budding Cannabis Market In The Green Mountain State
After stepping up to serve medical marijuana dispensaries, VSECU is positioned to lead the state in banking services for an explosion in recreational sales.
By E.C. Harrison

February 15, 2022

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