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Video Banking In The Bigger Member Services Picture

Video banking enables personalized and expert service at a distance and is a powerful component of a comprehensive strategy for supporting members online.

In the daily conversations we have with credit unions like yours, most if not all emphasize member experience as their top priority. That focus is a differentiator in the banking industry and appreciated by the members who benefit from personalized service. Often, that means the friendly, face-to-face assistance they get from the smiling staff at your community credit union branch.

However, there are some situations where in-person banking is not possible or practical because of incompatible schedules, lack of transportation, specialist availability, or (most recently) social distancing. That doesn’t mean that your members can’t enjoy the benefits of face-to-face assistance from a smiling, knowledgeable representative anyway.

Whether members are sitting in a branch talking to an on-screen remote specialist, or are across town video-chatting on their PCs or phones, one- or two-way video banking empowers MSRs in a branch, call center, or home office to serve members at home, work, or on-the-go as if they were in the same room.

Seeing a banking representative during a remote interaction promotes trust and confidence for members, and seeing a member helps representatives gauge comprehension, emotional state, and satisfaction!

Video chat goes a long way toward member comfort but is not always enough to keep transactions moving forward. When members need remote assistance, or guidance with a process, helping them often remains an inefficient back-and-forth game of describing challenges and solutions. Video banking with co-browsing closes that gap by providing a shared visual context that removes on-screen ambiguity and allows you to co-pilot members to successful outcomes in any channel.

When video banking is part of a holistic digital member service (or DCS) strategy that includes co-browsing, online collaboration, messaging, voice (phone or web), and artificial intelligence (AI), everyone benefits. You gain context, clarity, and meaningful member experiences every step of the way from simple financial guidance to completing complex documents using an e-signature provider.

But let’s remember, not every remote member interaction requires video. Often simple self-service from an AI bot or a phone call/chat with a representative using co-browsing is all the member needs. But when a situation can be handled better through face-to-face engagement, it should be quick and easy for you to move to and from video without losing context, interrupting the flow, or, worse yet, having to start over.

Your members want to do their banking without unnecessary effort. Providing ways to do that enhances member satisfaction and promotes long-term relationships.

Dan Michaeli, CEO and Co-founder, Glia

That’s how video banking as an integral part of a unified digital member service strategy shines over add-on point solutions because it encompasses overall member communications. It shouldn’t make a difference if an interaction starts as a video call with a centralized loan specialist that transfers to a representative in a different channel elsewhere, or it begins as a self-service virtual assistance chat that escalates to live representatives using chat, voice, and video as needed.

Your members want to do their banking without unnecessary effort. Providing ways to do that enhances member satisfaction and promotes long-term relationships. Having the flexibility to start a conversation in any channel and seamlessly transfer between them as needed supported by the ability to offer on-screen guidance means you can always serve members in the channel that is right for them at the point of need.

Video banking, as part of an overall DCS solution, allows for a single set of tools, processes, and metrics for all of your member support reducing complexity and call handle time while keeping satisfaction high. That translates to member loyalty you can take to the bank.

Learn more about DCS and video banking resources at www.glia.com/video-banking.

Dan Michaeli is CEO and co-founder of Glia. He is a long-time proponent of customer-centricity from his time as a customer and technology strategy consultant for several top enterprises to being the driving force behind Glia’s vision to combine the human touch with technology to create the best customer experiences.

About Glia

Glia provides digital member service technology that is reinventing how credit unions support members online. Glia’s solution enriches member touchpoints on web, mobile, or phone calls with communication choices (from messaging to video chat), on-screen collaboration, and AI-enabled personalized experiences to quickly maximize customer satisfaction, decrease handle times, and improve conversions. www.glia.com.

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June 15, 2020

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