2019 Strategies For Continued Rising Rates

Join the Credit Union Investment Strategy Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. for the webinar, 2019 Strategies For Continued Rising Rates: The Importance of Adding Floating Rate Investments and Floating Rate Loan Participations.
By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Questions every credit union should ask:

  • Is your credit union ready for rising/volatile rates?
  • What if we experience an inverted yield curve?
  • Why should we differentiate between floating rate and adjustable rate loans and investments?
  • Most of my assets are fixed rate what are the best floating rate choices?

This webinar begins with a look at the movement and interplay between F.O.M.C. activity and the yield curve. Recently, the volatility of interest rates, the stock market, and the political climate have all contributed to a challenging outlook for 2019.

The asset decisions your credit union makes in 2019 are critical the margin for error is the slimmest it’s been since right before 2007-08 and the Great Recession.

  • Do rates continue to go up?
  • Will the F.O.M.C. change course?
  • Need to hear a fresh outlook on investments and loan participations?

Mark Wickard brings his practical experience of strategically helping credit unions with asset selection with the same energy and ingenuity he has displayed since he began working with CU’s in 1986.


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