Investment Strategies for Rising and Volatile Rates

It is official, the latest FED tightening cycle has begun. How did it get here? Where is it headed? How will this impact the financial/investment decisions for credit unions?
By Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Find out what to do to prepare for the remainder of 2022 and beyond. This forum will help relieve some of the market anxiety and provide a practical discussion by sharing experience and perspective on ready to use strategies for a rising rate environment.

Reasons to Listen-in on the Webinar:

  • Lending hasn’t picked up like I thought it was going to and cash is still high.
  • I still need yield/earnings, but interest-rate risk is starting to get uncomfortable.
  • My Board won’t stop asking about the Unrealized Losses on my AFS Securities.
  • My CU doesn’t invest much, but I am curious about another outlook on Interest rates.
  • I have a bunch of callable bonds that aren’t getting called. Yields are higher now…Buy more?


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