Leveraging your Budgeting and Planning Processes to Optimize Performance in Today’s Environment

By Empyrean Solutions

As Credit Unions plan for 2023, 2024 and beyond, they are trying to figure out how to optimize performance in the face of uncertain times. Will interest rates continue to rise or will rates actually start to level off and maybe even decline, will the tight labor market and rising labor costs continue to push salary and personnel expenses to be a larger and larger share of non-interest expense or will a potential recession actually reduce personnel costs, should the bank plan for larger projects, or hold off on such investments? Rather than simply focusing on balance sheet growth, top performing banks are developing plans to grow profitably through more sophisticated balance sheet and margin planning, and comprehensive non-interest income and expense planning. This session will focus on improving the planning process, providing tips and best practices, while also sharing ideas with other attendees, to help identify ideas for improving their own budgeting and planning processes to prepare them for the years ahead.

Implementing a best practices approach to budgeting and planning by having the right people, planning the right areas, and planning the right way can help organizations optimize performance through their planning processes. By understanding the drivers of performance at your institution and having the right people in the organization plan those drivers, the budgeting and planning process will inherently become more efficient, more effective, and more valuable.

Topic areas will include:

  • Leveraging an ALM-based process for balance sheet and margin planning in the face of rising interest rates and compressed margins.
  • More granular personnel and payroll planning given increased labor costs.
  • Other best practices to improve your entire budgeting and planning processes.

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