10 Credit Unions That Topped The Charts In Member Value In 1Q 2017

Callahan spotlights credit unions of all sizes that return the most value to members.

Callahan & Associates is celebrating the release of first quarter data by highlighting credit unions across the United States that provide exceptional member value as indicated by the firm’s Return of the Member (ROM) scoring system.

Developed by Callahan & Associates in 1996,ROMis a comprehensive scoring system of member value that looksbeyond the traditional safety and soundness issues covered by the NCUA’s CAMEL scores and other regulatory measures.

If you don’t see your credit union and want to know where it ranks,contact Callahan today for your score.

The ROM calculation considers three core credit union functions:Return to Savers(savings),Return to Borrowers(lending), andMember Participation (product usage). Credit unions across the country use the score to support theirmember-facing goals, hold staff accountable to better serve members, and demonstrate the impact credit unions have in their communities.

ROM is a quantitative way for credit unions to shout out that difference to members.

Take a look at the top 10 credit unions in each asset range to see which ones made the leader board.

Where Do You Rank?

What is your ROM score? Find out the value of your member return in this Callahan metric developed especially for credit unions. Contact Callahan to see where you credit union ranks.

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December 14, 2016

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