Credit Union Leaders In Total Mortgage Originations

Which 10 credit unions top the origination list in MortgageAnalyzer?

October is an exciting time of the year at Callahan ; Associates. We are busy with new datasets and product features, all of which help our credit union clients better serve their members’ needs.

One dataset that we dedicate a great deal of attention to is HMDA, which stands for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. The Act was enacted by Congress in 1975 to mitigate concerns about perceived credit shortages throughout the United States, and requires most lending institutions (credit unions, banks, savings associations, and other mortgage lending institutions) to report mortgage loan data to the public on an annual basis.

We are happy to announce that the most recent data is now available in MortgageAnalyzer. In 2015, 6,790 institutions reported over 14.3 million HMDA loan records. Among the 2,000 credit unions that reported mortgage data, we identified the top ten in total mortgage originations.

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Credit Union State Total Originations ($000s) Conventional ($000s) FHA ($000s) VA ($000s) FSA ($000s)
1 NAVY VA $12,621,852 $5,956,276 $281,104 $6,384,472 $0
2 SECU NC $2,815,488 $2,815,488 $0 $0 $0
3 PENTAGON VA $2,392,156 $2,188,834 $0 $203,322 $0
4 KINECTA CA $2,142,146 $2,085,513 $56,633 $0 $0
5 FIRST TECH CA $2,096,029 $2,096,029 $0 $0 $0
6 LAKE MICHIGAN MI $2,079,291 $1,925,451 $111,617 $30,775 $11,448
7 BECU WA $1,528,576 $1,499,143 $14,952 $14,481 $0
8 SECURITY SERVICE TX $1,166,437 $1,166,437 $0 $0 $0
9 BETHPAGE NY $1,131,126 $1,119,022, $12,104 $0 $0
10 SCHOOLSFIRST CA $1,002,993 $1,002,993 $0 $0 $0

Source: Callahan ; Associates’ MortgageAnalyzer

According to HMDA regulations, credit unions under $42 million in assets and those lending outside metropolitan areas do not have to report HMDA data. Even if your credit union’s data is not available in MortgageAnalyzer it can still be a valuable tool. For instance, MortgageAnalyzer can help you wisely position yourself in an emerging mortgage market that is primed for growth.

To make sure you know how to use these features, we’ve created a series of videos and documents which can be accessed on demand at MortgageAnalyzer Support.

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October 24, 2016

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