Graph Of The Week

A picture is worth 1,000 words. You have to see it to believe it. Numbers don’t lie. If you’re tired of these worn-out cliches and are looking for data with some original thought behind it, then check out the Graphic Of The Week, compliments of Callahan industry analysts.

Graph Of The Week

Who Are The Top 10 Core Providers For U.S. Credit Unions?

The big three hold roughly half of the industry’s market share, but some smaller players are making gains.

Graph Of The Week

Loan-To-Share Ratio Increases With Rate Bumps

Increases in the federal funds rate normally have a negative effect on the loan-to-share ratio, but things were different in the third quarter.

Graph Of The Week

Rising Rates Drive Down Share Growth

A confluence of major factors have resulted in some of the weakest share growth in several years.

Graph Of The Week

Where Do Auto Lending And Inflation Intersect?

Auto inflation has slowed since its second quarter peak but remains significantly higher than historical levels.

Graph Of The Week

Credit Card Lending Rebounds As Savings Declines

Record inflation has contributed to a surge in credit card spending, reversing a trend noted early in the pandemic.


It Takes Time For Loan Portfolios To Reprice

If history is a guide, the average yield on loans will take time to adjust to the sharp increases in the federal funds rate.

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