Andrew Lepczyk

Andrew Lepczyk is an industry analyst with Callahan & Associates. Andrew leverages analytics tools and market data to help credit unions improve. He has previously worked in corporate governance research and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree in international economics from American University.


Callahan’s Guide To The 2023 Final Four

The sports analysts at Callahan & Associates wrap up March Madness with predictions based on credit union performance data. Which team will reign supreme?

Graph Of The Week

Borrowing Costs Pinch Credit Unions

Line of credit usage increased just as the Federal Reserve began to hike interest rates, increasing the cost of borrowing for credit unions across the country.

Industry Insights

Is Indirect Lending Worth The Cost?

Pumping up membership via indirect loans can be beneficial, but the strategy has its downsides.


Making Super Bowl Predictions? Callahan Can Help.

A look at the lending performance of credit unions in Kansas City and Philadelphia offers a novel way to forecast the winner of this year’s big game.

Graph Of The Week

Mortgage Sales Fall To Decades-Long Low

Sustained increases to the federal funds rate have driven credit unions to keep more loans on the books for longer

Graph Of The Week

Rising Rates Drive Down Share Growth

A confluence of major factors have resulted in some of the weakest share growth in several years.

Industry Insights

How Can Credit Unions Respond To Quiet Quitting?

As more and more young workers become detached from their jobs, what can credit union leaders do to re-engage their employees?

Graph Of The Week

Liquidity Takes A Dive As Lending Ticks Up

Ongoing growth in home and auto lending mean the industry is gradually shedding the high liquidity levels brought on by pandemic relief programs.

Graph Of The Week

GRAPH OF THE WEEK: Subordinated Debt Levels Surge

U.S. Treasury investment and updated rules from the National Credit Union Administration have resulted in a massive jump in the number of credit unions issuing subordinated debt and the overall dollar amount.

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