Branches, Call Centers, And Underserved Markets

Five can't-miss data points featured this week on

This week, looks at branches, call centers, and more.

Here are five data points you can’t miss:


That’s the number of total branches GTE Financial and Suncoast Credit Union plan to retrofit with interactive teller machines staffed by centralized teller operations.

GTE Financial introduced its first ITMs in late 2013 and expects to complete the rollout to all 22 of its branches in the next three years. Suncoast Credit Union launched its first ITMs in the spring of 2016 and plans to retrofit its 61-location branch network in the next two to three years.

Read more about Suncoast’s plan in Have Credit Unions Hit An Interactive Teller Tipping Point.


At midyear 2016, this is the total number of reported branches at credit unions nationwide.

So maybe the branch isn’t quite dead. Check out Leaders In Branch ATM Network to see what 10 credit unions top the list.


That’s the interest rate LA Capitol Federal Credit Union charges on its 30-day low dollar loan, a product designed to serve the credit unions unbanked and underbanked membership and compete against local payday lenders.

The product has a $20 dollar processing fee and has proven successful in the credit union’s underserved areas.

To learn more about the cooperative’s drive to serve the underserved, read How A Baton Rouge-Based Credit Union Serves The Underserved.


in 2012, Washington State Employees Credit Union began adopting the universal banker model. Instead of relying on a staff of specialized tellers, loan officers, and account managers, WSECU staffs its branches with member consultants who are trained to handle all basic financial functions, including loans, new accounts, and counter functions.

To cement the change in staff functionality, the credit union changed its approach to lobby design. No more teller counters and desks. Ten of WSECU’s 20 branches now have open-layout lobbies that feature pod-like workstations where member consultants help members and prospective members.

To read more about WSECU’s new branch designs, check out A New Branch Design Brings Digital Technology To The Fore At WSECU.

30 Seconds

Measuring call center performance is both an art and science. Although many organizations look at service level defined as the percentage of calls answered within a given timeframe, typically 30 seconds and the average speed to answer (ASA), targets can vary widely.

Leading contact center providers offer a few ins and outs of the most popular metrics financial institutions use to measure performance in The Truth Behind Call Center Metrics.

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October 3, 2016

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