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This week, features strategies to improve the call center blueprint, from outbound calling specialists to metrics that measure success.

Today’s credit union call centers provide 24/7 member access to the credit union, through much more than just a telephone.

This week on, we feature strategies from credit unions finding ways to improve upon the call center blueprint, from a team of outbound calling specialists to different metrics allowing these institutions to measure success.

Metrics are just numbers unless a credit union can translate them into high-quality member service.

Call center managers at TruMark Financial Credit Union and KEMBA Financial Credit Union closely monitor things like time to answer, average hold time, and abandon rates. They also listen in to calls so they have the appropriate quantitative and qualitative information to adjust strategies.

For Amy Peterman, director of virtual member service at KEMBA Financial, and Kathy Lynch, call center manager at TruMark, flexibility in acting on data is as critical as understanding it. Read more in the Q&A, Metrics And More At Today’s Contact Center.

When implemented and maintained properly, credit union call centers can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve member satisfaction. Learn more in Callahan’s Graphic Of The Week, 8 Tips To Run A Successful Credit Union Call Center by Industry Analyst Stephanie Clark.

Leaders Credit Union serves nearly 38,000 members through six branches in and around its hometown of Jackson, TN, approximately 70 miles east of Memphis. That’s one branch fewer than the average number of locations for credit unions with assets between $250 million and $500 million.

But the Midwest credit union isn’t worried about its brick-and-mortar footprint because its busiest branch in terms of production is its call center.

The call center sales team produces more loan per month than any one of our branches, says Seth Rudd, the credit union’s chief financial officer.

To see how aptitude, attitude, and opportunity helped Leaders Credit Union develop a team of call center cross-sell superstars, read How To Make Outbound Calls Part Of A Call Center Strategy by Callahan Associate Editor, Erik Payne.

Measuring call center performance is both an art and science. It takes a mix of tracking and tactics to ensure the best possible member service while adjusting to changing realities in the marketplace.

Credit unions who run their own call centers can benefit from the experience of the big organizations that specialize in that service, operations that devote considerable time and resources to providing and measuring member service.

See how leading contact center providers offer a few ins and outs of the most popular metrics financial institutions use to measure performance in,The Truth Behind Call Center Metrics by Callahan Senior Writer Marc Rapport.

State Employees’ Credit Union is focusing on a simple metric in its quest to provide optimal member service: answer all calls within three rings.

That’s approximately 416,000 inbound calls per month from its more than 2 million members plus members from Local Government Federal Credit Union and North Carolina Press Association Federal Credit Union, for which SECU provides call center services.

The nation’s second-largest credit union intends to meet that goal by using a convergence staffing strategy that will bring together the contact center and the larger organization.

A new local service strategy allows SECU of North Carolina to measure contact center success three rings at a time. Learn more about this in Ring Three Times For The Home Team byMarc Rapport.

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April 25, 2016

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