Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights (4Q 2018)

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.

Every quarter, Callahan & Associates rips real consumer and employee comments from social sharing and review sites to highlight what credit unions can learn from members, employees, and the public. This quarter, credit union representatives on the front line of communications offer advice on how to manage brand in the modern age.

Don’t Be The Bank


Customer service is inconsistent, and even worse, since it’s a bank, information being communicated is incorrect. If I physically come in to the bank and deposit money in person and ask the teller, will this prevent me from being charged a fee? and the teller says YES then don’t charge me the fee. ALSO, don’t tell me you don’t have the power to refund when you know you made a mistake. The bank isn’t being run by robot overlords using humans as slaves. You guys can go in to the system and make the adjustment.


Suggested Reply

Michele Kimble communications, public relations, and social media specialist at Redwood Credit Union ($4.5B, Santa Rosa, CA) suggests this reply:

Hello [Name], we are sorry to hear you’ve had this experience with us. It’s definitely not what we want our members to go through, and we’d like to discuss your visit in more detail so we can do better next time. Please contact me directly at (000) 555-1234. John Doe, Main Street Branch Manager

ATM Antics


I was trying to withdraw a substantial amount of money. The cash did not come out of the ATM, but when I got home, I noticed it showed that it was withdrawn. The withdrawal also created an overdraft. I called them the next day They said they were going to look into it and within seven days, my money was returned to the account and the overdraft was removed along with the overdraft fee. I was so happy with [Credit Union] that I don’t think I will ever let go of this account!


Suggested Reply

Alicia Mersiovsky marketing manager at Energy Capital Credit Union ($217.1M, Houston, TX) suggests this reply:

Mr. [Name], we appreciate you taking the time to review your recent experience with us! We’re so glad we were able to assist you in not only returning the money that the ATM did not dispense, but remove the overdraft charge that was inadvertently placed on your account. We appreciate your loyal membership and are thankful for your unwavering trust in [Credit Union Name].

Happy Trail(er)s


My husband and I had spent some time looking at travel trailers and when it came time to finance we had a few options. [Credit Union] offered us the best deal with no down payment AND a low interest rate. They are great to work with. They are quick to respond to any of my questions/requests.


Suggested Reply

Eve Hernandez vice president of marketing at Generations Federal Credit Union ($505.7M, San Antonio, TX) suggests this reply:

Thank you for sharing your travel trailer financing story! We work to provide great member service, quick closing, and competitive rates. We’re happy know that you chose [Credit Union] because we met those needs. The [Credit Union] team wishes you safe travels, and happy trails!

Ed Niser assistant public relations manager at Digital Federal Credit Union ($8.5B, Marlborough, MA) also seized on the theme:

Thanks for sharing your great experience with us, and most importantly thanks for being a member! We’re very happy to hear that we were able to help you finance your new travel trailer. If there’s anything else we can do to help you achieve your financial goals, please feel free to reach out. Enjoy the open road!

April 1, 2019

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